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  Professional Services

Curve Technologies professional services team assists you in designing, implementing, optimizing, and maintaining your contact center or unified communication systems.

Curve Technologies Professional Services portfolio covers the following main areas:

  • Solution Architecture
  • Installation
  • Integration
  • Reporting
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Training
  • Contact Center consultation
  • Process automation and optimization

Solutions and Services:

Curve Technologies offers a set of services that include: pre-sales analysis, implementation, delivery and support of the otherwise difficult projects. The services are further categorized in three main groups: Solution Architecture, Installation and Integration.



With the help of real-time ACD metrics, reporting from the contact centers and the handling of statistics has made the job of the employees more plausible. The Managerial team can now look into the merged statistics and solve probable problems that may arise with time.


Support and Maintenance:

Curve Technologies offers backup restoration planning updates and upgrades and alarm system monitoring to the utmost feasibility. Along with Avaya solutions, Verint solutions and Altitude software solutions, there is also support as per each customer’s needs.



With vast knowledge and experience through certified programs, Curve Technologies offers training courses at the highest quality level.


Contact Center consultation:

Curve Technologies delivers customer satisfaction through prompt responses and pro-efficient handling of customer requests.


Process automation and optimization:

Curve Technologies provides with low-risk, fast implementing and modified business solutions. Each service is carefully designed as per the client’s requirement.

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